Leadership Essentials

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Leadership Essentials

Transitioning from a team member into a management position comes can be a big challenge. A shift in mindset and new skill sets are required. This 2 day leadership essentials programme is designed for both new and experienced leaders that with to develop their skills. The programme covers the core skills that all leaders/managers need to manage a team effectively and get results.

Day One: The programme begins by exploring the key attributes and qualities of an effective leader. Participants reflect upon their own leadership styles and also identity their personal areas of strength and development. The second module looks more at communicating effectively as a leader and how to influence others by better understanding different communication styles. The final part of the day covers effective delegation skills and effective time management strategies.

Day Two: Day two focuses upon people management and development. Participants learn how to motivate, inspire and empower others. Participants also learn how to give constructive feedback and basic coaching skills to support their team members growth.

Action Planning: At the end of day two participants will complete a personal action plan to ensure that they utilise the skills covered during the session.

Module One: Becoming an effective leader

Learn the attributes of an effective leader
Better understand your leadership style
Gain awareness into your strengths and areas of development

Module Two: Communication and Influence 

Learn the principles of effective communication as a leader
Be able to understand different communication styles
Learn how to influence

Module Three: Time management and delegation

Learn simple yet powerful time management strategies
Learn how to use the situational leadership model
Learn how to delegate effectively

Module Four: Empowering and motivating others 

Learn how to apply the six human needs model to motivate and inspire
Know how to get the best from your team
Be able to engage your team more effectively

Module Five: Giving Feedback 

Be able to give feedback and get a positive outcome
Learn the steps to give feedback effectively
Know how to prepare for a feedback session

Module Six: Coaching your team to success

Understand the principles of effective coaching
Learn the key skills required to coach effectively
Learn the process of coaching (GROW)

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