The Picasso Challenge


Create a New Vision – The Picasso Challenge

Objective: To create a collaborative vision in the form of a master piece!

This activity is an excellent way to create a team vision, big or small! The art master piece is the final product of a of an action packed session of brain storming, sharing and developing a collaborative vision for the future. This activity is excellent for groups between 10 and 20.

Working in small groups, each team is given access to all the tools and equipment they need to create a masterpiece expressing their company vision and achievement. Each sub team will work on a separate part of the piece, requiring communication, co-operation and exchange of ideas and information throughout the session. We start with an exercise focusing on communication and creativity before an introduction to the range of materials and media available. Teams have to use artistic and creative skills to produce their part of the artwork, as well as communicating and negotiating with the other teams to put the finished product together. At the end of the session the finished product can be displayed in a company office or be a design for the company yearly calendar as a reminder of the session.

Program information: 

  • Number of participants 20-100 Participants
  • Location: Anywhere in Thailand
  • Program Length: 3 hours
  • Facilitation: English and Thai Language

Program benefits:

  • Enhance creative and innovative thinking
  • Create a collaborative vision
  • Develop cross functional communication
  • Energise a new team vision
  • Have a great day out

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