Thai Cooking Team Challenge

 Thai Cooking Challenge 


Before setting off on the Thai Cooking Master Chef challenge, you team building fun will begin with a light hearted briefing at the hotel. During the briefing the group will be split into teams , given a survival lesson in Thai language, a map, instructions and the directions to their first form of transport (a Tuk Tuk). Each team will make their way across the streets of Bangkok (The city of angels) in search of cooking ingredients.

Once each team has collected all that is needed, teams will make their way to the river to find a boat that will take them to the cooking center. The cooking center is set within the most beautiful and authentic surroundings of a traditional Thai House. As groups arrive from the race across Bangkok, they will then begin the exotic Thai cuisine challenge. Paying extreme attention to the Master Chef’s detail, instruction and guidance, teams will go to their food preparation stations and work together to create the best looking, best tasting Thai dishes in the house. Once the competition has finished, everyone will come together to eat the food in the most traditional Thai way.

Program information: 

  • Number of participants 20-200 Participants
  • Location: Bangkok, Hua Hin, Pattaya, Amphuwa, Chiang Mai
  • Program Length: 6 hours
  • Facilitation: English and Thai Language

Program benefits:

  • Enhance creative and innovative thinking
  • Improve communication and collaboration
  • Focus on customer centricity
  • Create a cohesive team
  • Learn how to cook Thai dishes from a professional chef
  • Develop out of the box marketing ideas
  • Have a great day out

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