Team building

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Change Works offers a wide variety of team building experiences. Team building should always be an enjoyable and engaging experience for participants. However, team building activities need to also produce results. Depending on client needs, location, participant numbers and time frame, Change Works will  create the perfect team building program for you.

There are numerous benefits to the team building programs facilitated by Change Works.  Clients utilise our services to:


  •  Improve team communication

    Teambuilding Bangkok

    Teambuilding In Thailand

  • Develop team spirit and vision
  • Improve team effectiveness
  • Develop team synergy through innovation
  • Improve relationships
  • Create solution focus thinking
  • Develop leadership skills

Change Works offers a wide range of teambuilding activities, events and experiences for coporations and business. Based in Bangkok, we are able to provide team building events anywhere in Thailand.

All of the team building programs offered by Change Works are designed to be enjoyable and meaningful and insightful. We make sure that participants leave our team building sessions with happy memories and also key learning points that are relevant to their jobs or work situations.

Before we run a team building session, we will consult with you on what your objectives are and what you would like to achieve from the team building experience. We will then recommend or develop a team building program for you.

Change Works offers both indoor and outdoor programs that incorporate a variety of team/individual skills including:

  • Creating a vision /mission
  • Creativity
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Innovative thinking
  • Leadership
  • Motivation
  • Problem solving
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Team communication
  • Team efectiveness
  • Team spirit

Check out some example team building programs include:

Go Gibbon Challenge 

Leadership Challenge 

Picasso Challenge 

Amazing Race 

If you would like to learn more about Change Works Team building programs, why not contact us today?