Sales Skills for Real Estate Executives

Sales Skills for Real Estate Executives

One Day In-Houes Training – Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket and Chiang Mai

As the economy in Thailand continues to grow, real estate sales can be a lucrative industry for people with the rights skills, strategies and approach to selling property.  Whether you are selling condominiums, holiday homes, offices or housing developments, there are some key fundamentals that make sales. 

Unfortunately, many sales people make the mistake of trying to sell customers what they want to sell rather than what the customer really wants to buy. Customers buy for their own needs not those of the sales person.

Change Works provides one-day in-house training sessions for companies that wish to provide their sales teams with the fundamentals of selling real estate.


The fundamentals include:

–       Building rapport with customers and building customer relations

–       Uncovering the clients needs and desires to buy property

–       Presenting to the client’s needs

–       Overcoming objections

–       Closing the sale

–       Getting referrals

This program can be delivered in English and Thai language

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