Sales Presentation Skills

In- House Sales Presentation Skills Training 


Unfortunately, it is a common habit for sales people to spend too much time talking, and not enough time truly listening to what their client want! In this program participants will learn how to speak the way each prospect listens, know what the customer needs and provide exactly what the client wants. Utilizing a very simplistic yet powerful sale system model, participants will learn and apply a battery of powerful techniques and strategies that they can apply instantly to dramatically increase sales.  sales presentation skills training Bangkok Thailand


In the first session of this workshop participants will develop and fine tune their sales communication skills to build rapport, increase their persuasiveness, ask powerful questions to uncover their client’s needs, match their services with what the client wants and make the sale!

In the second part of the session the participants will analysis their power point slide presentation and collaboratively develop a slide presentation with impact!

To complete the workshop, the participants will bring all their skills together and individually present to the group. The group will provide feedback for further development.

What are the learning outcomes?

By the end of this program, participants will be able to:

–        Apply a pragmatic system and mind set to winning sales

–        Use a series of powerful techniques to build rapport with customers

–        Overcome cultural barriers quickly

–        Use words, body language and gestures that customers connect with

–        Use powerful questions to open up a customer’s mind

–        Identify customer needs, wants or desires

–        Create a need or desire for a customer to buy

–        Connect product or service to a customer’s needs

–        Learn how to test close

–        Collaboratively develop a hard hitting highly practical and effective power point presentation

–        Increase sales

Change Works is now able to offer this program as an In-House Training Workshop anywhere in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia or Singapore.


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