Project Risk Management

Project Risk Management provides a proactive approach for you to manage and take charge of your projects!  Developing and mapping out project goals and triple constraints (scope, time, cost) are critical to ensure your project success.   However, unplanned and uncertain events do happens, how do you manage it?   How do you reduce the “fire-fighting”, especially project nearing its completion?   How do you proactively manage those risks?

The answers lie in the good Project Risk Management skills; a good methodology is critical, it identifies risks early, and develops various risk responses to manage the risks.   This ensures your project performances are more predictable and always achieve the goals!

Project Risk Management course includes the process of conducting risk management effectively.  It includes Plan Risk Management, Identify Risks, Analyze Risks, Develop Risk Responses, and Monitor and control Risks on a project.  With the knowledge and skills acquired at the end of the course, the trainees will be able to use practical risk management processes, tools and techniques to manage project risks in any size and nature. This will in turn ensure successful project completion meeting project scope, cost and schedule!