MBTI for Organizations

MBTi – For Organizations is Available in Bangkok, Thailand

Overview: Based on over 50 years of research The Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is the most widely used personality type preference indicator in the world. Over 2 million people a year utilize the MBTI to gain greater understanding about themselves and others.

Over recent years, the use of the MBTi in organizations has grown rapidly.  Leaders and employees recognize its effectiveness in solving organizational problems.  Psychological type as identified by the MBTi instrument provides multiple organizational benefits.

Benefits for organizations:

  • Provides people with clarity about their preferred work styles while constructively identifying possible blind spots and areas of vulnerCommunication skills workshop Bangkokability.
  • Provides logical structure for understanding common differences between people in many different work related areas including: Communication styles, working in teams, project management, change management, conflict resolution, motivation, and management/leadership styles.
  • Provides type theory data for analyzing organizational culture, management structure and other organization systems.
  • The MBTi  is a useful tool to develop individuals at all levels of an organization.

If you would like to learn how the MBTi for Organizations can help your organization develop, contact Change Works today. Our main office is based in Bangkok, however our certified MBTi practitioners are able to provide training across Asia.

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