Haka Teambuilding

 Haka Mahana Team building Energy Session 

 Overview: Mahana means ENERGY in the traditional language of Maori warriors. This unique and powerful activity allows delegates to fully tap into and harness the energy of their own “warrior within!”

Imagine the electrifying energy in your conference room or outdoor setting as participants focus their power and release their passion in unison through the traditional Maori ritual as part of the Haka. Imagine the subsequent levels of participation and engagement throughout the REST of your day as each individual embraces the “haka’s” essence: “…today I am going to perform at my very best and I challenge you to do the same…”

Beginning with the words of Kia Kaha, meaning forever strong, participants are soon guided through simple conditioning exercises – physical, mental and emotional. These prepare the warrior and develop his or her inner power and focus – ready to “ignite the breath”…

We will take all the participants through the first two sentences of the Moari Haka with actions.

One they have mastered this, teams will be broken up into smaller tribes and it will be their goal to create a powerful, enriching ritual to perform to the other tribes.

It doesn’t need to be the Haka, it can be something completely different but the main objective is it needs to:

  1. Demonstrate energy
  2. Ignite the environment
  3. Bring the tribe together

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