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The objectives and design of any given program are designed to meet each client’s specific needs and desired outcomes. The programs that we deliver are intense, challenging and ultimately highly effective. How mission is to develop your leaders from where they are to where they need to be. Our goal is to not only be a catalyst for positive change but long lasting transformations for all executives involved in our programs.  Our challenging, experiential-based, outdoor programs enable your leaders and executives to identify, understand and address individual and work place issues, develop and commit to strategies to become more effective in their roles.

Our programs are experiential in nature thus subjecting participants to the practical aspects of working with other people, understanding their own and others behaviours and finding ways to achieve win/win outcomes in working relationships. While the program is an outdoor-based program, there is no bias towards age, physical fitness or gender.

Experienced facilitators lead participants through a series of activities and debriefs. The real power of experiential programs come from our underlying methodologies and the development of a number of individual and team aspects in parallel. Participants gain a greater understanding of their organizations’ culture and values, develop and understanding of their own style and how they interact within the group, strengthen their relationships with others within the group and develop and enhance their communication, planning and conflict resolution skills.

Our philosophy of using experiential learning, that is “learning by doing” combined with behavioral profiling (optional) ensures your greatest assets, your people, will achieve sustainable outcomes that will be directly

Our programs are extremely successful and sustainable, and are powerful tools for all organizations we are associated with, be they Managerial or ground level.

Results and Outcomes

The program is designed to achieve a range of outcomes including the following:

  • Developing positive team processes
  • Understanding of “self” in terms of leadership, identifying personal leadership styles, strengths and weaknesses
  • Identifying skills and knowledge for leadership development;
  • Developing planning and prioritizing skills;
  • Developing effective communication skills including giving and receiving    honest feedback;
  • Developing problem solving skills;
  • Effective conflict resolution;
  • Understanding and accepting individual differences and other leadership styles;
  • Understanding and developing emotional intelligence;Understanding and working within teams.

 Effective Process is key to team development and success

A well constructed and delivered program will get most people going. Retaining that enthusiasm is the hard bit. Our experience over the years is that with many programs, benefits are short term only.

We’ve designed a program that includes accountability & follow up. We think it keeps people honest. It’s just an extension of what we do, really. Experiential learning – learning by doing.

Step 1 – Introduction & program brief. Profiling if required

Step 2 – Experiential Training & Activities

Step 3 – Debrief including feedback

Step 4 – Individual action plans created & submitted

Step 5 – Accountability on action plans (3 months)

Step 6 – Group activity – consolidate and reinforce (6 months)


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