Driving Core Values

Company Core Values Programs

 Driving Core Values 


Companies that are able to establish, communicate and bring alive organizational core values are able to unite their teams on common goals, create healthy work practices, motivate team members and enjoy a positive company culture.

Many organizations do confess to having core values but very often the are only written on a website page and not applied by the majority of the workforce.

If you are looking you are looking to develop, reignite or energize your company core values, Change Works can help. We offer tailored made programs, activities and retreats for teams to reengage and bring your company core values alive.

We offer both indoor and outdoor programs. We make sure that your team has an enjoyable and memorable experience that truly embeds your company core values.

Our core values creation and energizer programs can be delivered anywhere across South East Asia.

Key Learning Points: 

  • Design and develop core values for your organization
  • Ignite and energize your company core values
  • Create a positive and productive company culture
  • Set a new direction for your team
  • Inspire and motivate your teams towards a positive future

Communication Training Courses are available in Bangkok, Thailand. Our trainers are also ready to travel globally to deliver our courses. If you are based outside of Bangkok, Thailand and you would like us to deliver courses. Please contact us today!

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