Global Executive Expatriate Coaching Thailand (GEEC)

Global Executive Expatriate Coaching (Thailand)

Hire a Change Works Global Coach Change Works Global Coaching deals specifically with the unique challenges that are faced by expatriate executives relocating to work in Thailand. Our niche of coaching focuses on assisting expatriates adapt to Thai culture, identity issues created within relocating families, difficulties attaining professional goals amidst a changing political and social structure, and other social and personal hurdles unique to each individual.

The benefits of Change Works Global Coaching:

  • Break down cultural barriers
  • Open up effective communication in the work place
  • Enhance teamwork and collaboration
  • Learn how to negotiate cultural differences
  • Find effective ways to deal with conflict
  • Understand how to operate under differing management styles
  • Save your executives frustration, anger and resentment

The greatest challenge for international companies conducting business in Thailand is without question, overcoming the cultural barriers that inhibit open communication, effective work practices and productivity. Those companies that effectively break down the cultural differences, enjoy higher levels of efficiency, teamwork, understanding which in turn leads to higher profits and increased competitiveness in the market place. Find out how to hire a Change Works Global Coach today! Save yourself a headache!

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