Presentation Skills – The Essentials


Presentation Skills Paul Marks

Presentation Skills – The Essentials 

In house sessions available!

Overview: In today’s world of business, exceptional communication skills are without question the most important skills that any executive can acquire. For business and relationships to be successful there has to be effective communication at every level of an organisation. This workshop focuses upon the most feared form of communication –Presentations!

Focusing on the vital presentation skill areas, you learn, practice and then analyse your own presentation skills with the support of the trainer and the other participants in the session. Throughout the workshop, you are videoed so that you have the opportunity to watch yourself in action and identify your strengths and areas of further development.

The program outline below is a Presentation Skills -The Essentials however, we do offer other presentation workshops which include: Presentations for sales professionals, Presentations and story telling, Presentation that influence. For more information on these programs please contact us at

Module One: Developing and constructing a powerful presentation

Creating a structure: Introduction / Body / Conclusion
Designing and defining the purpose and the outcomes of a presentation Knowing your audience
Making your presentation personal
Preparing for difficult questions
Knowing your material and presenting resources

Module Two: The Presenters Mindset

Appropriate Dress
Overcoming public speaking fears
Creating an opening with impact
Presenting products to meet the clients needs
Developing sensory acuity

Module Three: High Impact Delivery (Non verbal skills) 

Creating the right appearance and projecting the right image
Developing the right posture to project confidence
Use gestures to add congruency and add impact
Use facial expressions to an meaning
Use eye contact to capture your audience

Module Five: High Impact Delivery – (Verbal Skills)

Use voice intonation to add meaning to your message
Learn and know how to pace and pause
Use connectors effectively to link
Use the rights words for the right presentation

Module Six – Moving forward

Handling difficult questions
Advanced audience engagement techniques
Strategy and planning for moving forward

 The High Impact Presentation Skills course is highly interactive and practical. Throughout the program participants get the opportunity to practice their new skills and also analyze  them through video footage. Depending upon your company needs, this program can be delivered as a one day or two day program.

For more information on our Presentation skills courses and workshops outlines. Please contact our regional office in Bangkok, Thailand.

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