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Public Presentation Skills Workshop 2-3 July 2015 –  Bangkok

Presentation Skills Bangkok

Delivering a high impact presentation is all about confidence and some simple fundamentals skills done correctly. The rest is about bring your personality and creating your own style of delivery. 

This two day workshop is designed to provide you with the essentials skills  to present with ease and confidence. Following a step-by-step process you will be given the opportunity to learn, practice and receive feedback on the essentials skills of a high effective presenter.

The workshop will be conducted by Paul Marks, Presenter and Author of the book “Perfect Presenter” which will be released June 2015. 

The Program Outline:

Module One:  Know your audience

  • Developing sensory acuity
  • Defining the outcomes of your presentation
  • Presenter mindset
  • Professionalism
  • Overcoming public speaking fears
  • Creating an opening with impact

Module Two: Non Verbal Skills:

  • Creating the right appearance and projecting an image
  • Developing the right posture
  • Using gestures to add congruency and impact to your presentation
  • Meaningful movement
  • Using facial expressions
  • Using eye contact with your audience to capture their attention

Module Three: Verbal Skills

  • Using voice intonation to add meaning to your message
  • Learning to pace and pause
  • Padding
  • Using Connectors effectively

Module Four: Engaging your Audience

  • Inviting audience participation
  • Building rapport
  • Using humor
  • Story Telling

Who Should Attend:

The skills taught in this workshop are valuable to managers, sales people, teachers, trainers, and any professional who presents on a regular basis. This workshop is also ideal for anyone who has a fear of presenting, after attending this workshop your confidence is guaranteed to rise!

Available Formats:

One day / Two day programs available

Program can be customized for your business, organization or industry

Presentation Skills programs / in house training is available in Bangkok and all over Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia.

 You will learn how:

  • To develop a mindset that will improve the way you present and decrease fear
  • Create a sense of professionalism and confidence
  • To deliver what your audience needs
  • Use nonverbal skills to add impact and congruency to your presentation
  • Use Verbal skills to enhance your message and impact your audience
  • Build rapport with your audience
  • Understand the basics of using humor and story telling
  • Techniques for developing your presentation skills for the future

The High Impact Presentation Skills course is highly interactive and practical. Throughout the program participants get the opportunity to practice their new skills and also analyze  them through video footage. Depending upon your company needs, this program can be delivered as a one day or two day program.

For more information on our Presentation skills courses and workshops outlines. Please contact our regional office in Bangkok, Thailand.

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