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 Communication Skills  (In house) Workshop 

Overview: This outstanding one day programme has been developed specifically to teach you the interpersonal skills that lead to more effective, more satisfying, more rewarding relationships with those around you.In this workshop, participants will learn the fundamental skills to becoming a highly effective communicator. This workshop is delivered in a highly interactive and engaging manner. Every skill that is taught is also accompanied with activities, case studies,practice and feedback sessions. All the case studies are designed to meet the needs of accounting professionals.

Key Learning Points: 

Develop a mindset for effective communication
Learn how people create their own perceptions and understanding of the world
Develop active, empathetic and reflective listening skills
Know how to ask the right questions
Be able to communicate ideas and feelings to others appropriately
Perform assertive communication effectively
Learn how to set and manage expectations
Read and interpret body language and gesture

Module: Introduction to Interpersonal Communication

Understand the principles of effective communication
Develop the mindset of an effective communicator
Become an assertive communicator
Understand why misunderstandings happen

Module Two: Communication styles

Influence through understanding preferred communication styles
Learn how to use body language to add influence and congruency
Building rapport through matching and mirroring

Module Three: The art of Listening 

Learn to listen with empathy and intention
Learn the skills of active, reflective and empathic listening
Use empathy to connect and build relationships

Module Four: Asking powerful coaching questions

Learn the skills of asking solution focused questins
Develop the skill of asking the right types of questions at the right time
Understand the power of effective questioning

Module Five: Hold productive conversations

Clear yet simple communication
Setting and managing expectations
Get the intentions across to be understood
Know how to disagree and say no respectfully and assertively

Communication Training Courses are available in Bangkok, Thailand. Our trainers are also ready to travel globally to deliver our courses. If you are based outside of Bangkok, Thailand and you would like us to deliver courses. Please contact us today!

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