Emotional Intelligence

Advanced EQ – Interpersonal Skills for Executives

interpersonal communication course

The Emotional Intelligence through interpersonal communication course is available in Bangkok, across Thailand and in other ASEAN countries within the region.

Imagine an individual that possesses a strong, vibrant personality with powerful sense of presence that attracts others to them. Would it not be wonderful to be this person? Knowing how to apply effective communicate strategies with others in social settings is a life skill that is need by all to be successful.

For master communicators, emotion intelligence (EQ) is something that has been developed and mastered through life experience. EQ is something that can be leaned and developed through practice and reflection.

During this course participants will explore topics that fall under two main areas; social awareness and social facility. Within these areas, a range of EI competencies are explored such as empathy, attention, rapport building, understanding others, influence, acting and so on.

This Emotional Intelligence- Interpersonal communication course is a two day program available in Bangkok, Thailand and in other ASEAN countries within the region. For more information on this program or how it will help you and your team to achieve better results. Contact us today!

By the end of this course the participants will be able to:

  • Identify social intelligence competencies and learn how the brain processes information and emotions
  • Understand the importance of positive interaction with others and what it takes to establish rapport
  • Keep your focus and show that you are paying attention
  • Communicate with empathically and understanding
  •  Strengthen your relationship with others
  • Recognise other people’s contributions and improve your understating of others
  • Use mirroring techniques to establish rapport with others through indirect and subconscious signals
  • Act according to your desired target, show presence and appear charismatic
  • Influence others and manage runaway emotions in social encounters and guide the interaction towards a direction of your choice.
  • Monitor your relationship with others and be aware of the consequences of concern

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