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Winning with Thais in Work and Life

Thai cultural training for managers wanting to successfully lead their Thai teams.


Executive / Life Coaching

Right now, it is time to make personal life changes. Are you ready to live the life that you deserve?

  • Make personal changes
  • Control your work/life balance
  • Set goals
  • Build confidence
  • Live life to the fullest!

Presentation Skills

This workshop is excellent if you:

  • Are new to presenting or public speaking
  • Have a fear of presenting or public speaking
  • Have experience presenting, but want to improve

Team Building In Thailand

Develop communication, creativity, understanding, problem solving, innovation and drive.


Cross Cultural Team Building In Bangkok


Executive Coaching

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Change Works Co., Ltd is a provider in transformational learning based solutions for individuals, teams and corporations. Our team is dedicated to empower, support and develop people from where they are today to where they need to be. Based in Bangkok, Thailand our team is ready to serve and assist in the positive transformation of your team, executives and organisation.